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Sun City Summerlin

One of the crown jewels of the Del Webb communities Sun City Summerlin lies on the foothills of the Spring Mountains above Las Vegas.  From its beginning on the plane  to the last phase with the panoramic views Sun City Summerlin has something to offer to almost everyone.  For the active mature adult it is a singular opportunity.  Enjoy your passions...or simply enjoy the surrounds.  You can't go wrong in Sun City Summerlin. 

The 7800 dwellings are home to more than  15,000 people.  Sun City homes range in size from 1000 square feet to more the 3,000. Prices start at $160,000 for the small Sun City condos and go to over $1,000,000 for the largest Sun City homes on premium lots.


The view from Sun City Boulevard...

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What Does it offer?

Hot, sunny days most of the year ...all you could want.  You get to the point where a stormy or cold day is a welcome change.  But back to the sun and heat before the bad weather becomes a nuisance.  Occasionally cool but pleasant winters to offset the summer heat.  Yes it does snow and we do have a freeze...but only in the rare and special  years.  Winter starts in December and Spring comes in mid February.  The rest of the year is mostly summer.

Highland Lake

Golf, swimming, dancing, physical fitness facilities, clubs, games, social life and ties to the multiple resources of Las Vegas. 

Golf is one of the linchpins of the community.  The three courses are well maintained and available to the residents at very low prices.  You can get a feel for this by visiting the Sun City Summerlin Community Association Golf  site.

There is a chartered club for most things that one could desire.  Dance, bridge, mah jongg, chess, tennis, wood working, computers...there is a club for each and every need.  Well equipped shops support many hobby groups.  See the Sun City Charter Clubs for examples.  For the computer nerds try the Sun City Summerlin Computer Club.