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What are these homes like and what do they cost?

Homes in Sun City Summerlin range in size from 1,000 square feet to well over 3,000 square feet.  They range in price from $175,000 to over $1,000,000.  There are 42 models plus some custom variants on those models. 

These homes were built in two styles - Town Homes and Single Family.  The Town Homes are generally in groups of two attached homes though in some places in groups of three or four.  They are set up similar to a condominium - all externals such as landscaping, roofs  and  walls are maintained by an association which charges a monthly fee.  The Single Family Homes are detached dwellings of the conventional kind.  All externals are the responsibility of the owner.  There are approximately 2200 attached homes and a little over 5,000 detached.

The homes of Sun City Summerlin were built in three time phases.   The first phase which began in 1988, The second phase which begin in  1992 and the third which began in 1997. 

So let's see what they are like and sell for.

Town Homes First:

Size Phase 1- 1988-1992 Phase 2 - 1993-1996 Phase 3 - 1997 - 2000  
1007       Charleston View it        
1062 Bristol View it                
1236             Warwick View it    
1179 Carlsbad View it                
1201       Hawthorne View it          
1220       Austin View it          
1302       Silver City View it          
1303             Lancelot View it    
1332 Kenwood View it              
1333       Mohave View it        
1599       Grafton View it        
1636 Cortez View it              
1664             Camelot View it  
1749 Linden View it              
1757             Raleigh View it  
1767       Glenbrook View it        


And then the Single Family Homes:

Size Phase 1- 1988-1992 Phase 2 - 1993-1996 Phase 3 - 1997 - 2000  
1119 Sonora View it              
1175       Elko View it        
1188 Weston View it              
1215             Bristol View it  
1360             Monarch View it  
1384 Sandalwood View it              
1402       Reno View it        
1520             Royale View it  
1533       Tahoe View it        
1653 San Marino View it              
1699             Versaille View it  
1703       Minden View it          
1804 Silverton View it History              
1842             Marquis View it    
1843       Hancock View it          
2102             Sherwood View it    
2115 Matara View it                
2176             Regal View it    
2210       Belmont View it          
2334             Windsor View it    
2462             Buckingham View it    
2486 Santa Paula View it                
2577       Wendover View it          
2819             Aristocrat View it    
2886       Nevadan View it History        
2934             Westminster View it    



How these charts are made is explained here.